Juventus has been terrible this season and for the last few weeks, their performances has reminded the fans how low the side can go.

Juve has been poor not because it does not have players who can deliver top performances but the Bianconeri simply do not get the best from their stars.

Their poor form is the subject of discussion among football fans around the world, with Max Allegri getting most of the criticism for not being able to manage the side properly.

However, some will argue that the players also need some blame. Pundit Claudio Agave has now described the current Bianconeri team.

He says on Sport Italia via Tuttojuve:

“Juventus has the same points as last year. Last season, however, she was judged not positively by critics, despite qualifying for the Champions League. I believe that Juventus, in the hands of Allegri as a racing car with the engine of a small car.”

Juve FC Says

We have been average this season and there would be several terms to describe the team, which should not surprise us.

We have exposed ourselves to serious criticism and must accept them as they come along.