Juventus’ 15-point deduction as a punishment from the FIGC is a summary execution and not just a penalty, reckons radio show host Giuseppe Cruciani.

The Bianconeri have become the scapegoat for investigators who have been scrutinising their capital gains case.

They accused the black and whites of deliberately using capital gains to their advantage and to also deceive investors.

Juve has vowed to fight the points deduction and Cruciani believes it was a death sentence. He said via Il Bianconero:

“The one against Juventus was not a sentence but a summary execution, the prosecutor took the papers of the ordinary trial, brought Juve back to trial and then sentenced her almost unappellablyis. In my opinion it was an abomination. The capital gains have been made by all the teams, I expect penalties also for the teams that have not had a power of attorney on their heels.”

Juve FC Says

We did business with other clubs, yet we alone have been handed a punishment, which makes it clear we were targeted by the authorities.

However, as the club maintains it is innocent, we expect to succeed in overturning the verdict when we appeal against the sentencing.

For now, the players must be focused on winning as many games as possible so we can still defy the odds and make the top four even if the verdict is not overturned eventually.