AC Milan star Rafa Leao has expressed his apologies to Juventus fans who may have felt offended by his recent actions. Following a match against Juventus, Leao participated in the customary jersey exchange with a Juventus player. However, he placed the Bianconeri jersey inside his shorts while waving to his own team’s supporters.

Certain Juventus fans took offence at this gesture and voiced their criticism towards him. In response to the backlash, Leao has now acknowledged the situation and offered his apologies for his actions, seeking to mend any ill feelings caused by his behaviour.

He said as quoted via Football Italia:

“If any fan felt disrespected for putting the shirt inside my shorts, I apologise, it was not my intention to convey any disrespect, on the contrary, I respect all institutions!! Forza Milan. The hate is real damn.”

Juve FC Says

Leao has done the right thing, It was, of course, disrespectful but he has said sorry and it is time to move on.

We need to focus more on how our team is performing and not transfer our anger and frustration towards an opposing player, no matter the provocation.

This season has been tough and most people cannot wait for it to end so that we can look forward to preparing for the next one.