Football agent Mino Raiola discussed the possibility of Romelu Lukaku and Henrik Mkhitaryan joining Juventus.

The champion bullshitter gave an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport and wasted no time in whoring out his clients, linking them to a possible move to Juventus/

“Mkhitaryan? I know that Allegri likes him,” Raiola told Gazzetta

“And Micky would happily wear the Bianconeri shirt, but he needs to make a deal with Tuchel.

“It’s true that his contract expires in 2017, but the Dortmund Coach deems him indispensable.

“It’s more of the same with Gundogan: that’s why I consider this track to be difficult.

“Would he do well in Turin? I mustn’t expose the player. I can only add that he’s a very intelligent guy.”

“Lukaku? Of course, Juventus as a solution could go well.

“But keep an eye on PSG and Real Madrid too for the Everton striker.

“Does it also depend on Higuain’s future? The environment has changed in Paris. I don’t know if they’re ready to spend €90m – the price of oil has fallen and the emir is keeping more in his pocket.

“Also for this reason he’s insisting on keeping Ibra.

“Cavani? I repeat, in they could decide to keep the ‘Matador’ as well. And then let’s not overlook the fact that Nasser Al-Khelaifi hasn’t forgotten the Coman deal yet. So before giving Cavani to Juve…”

The odious toad finally turned his attention to 16-year-old Moise Kean who is yet to sign a professional contract with Juventus.

“Problems for a deal with Moise Kean? It’s essentially a technical question,” Raiola told the paper.

“According to my experience, in Italy the young players aren’t given adequate faith.

“That’s why I suggested an irregular path to Juve: the player signs, but then we send him on loan in a top-flight foreign league.

“I know it’s an unusual solution, let’s see what the club’s decision is.“