Aaron Ramsey explains that Juventus wanted him at all costs last year while playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo is an honour.

The Welsh midfielder joined the Bianconeri in the summer and while injuries have hampered part of the season, he is starting to play a more important role for coach Maurizio Sarri.

In an interview with Sky Italia, Ramsey explained why he chose to come to Turin and the main differences between Serie A and the Premier League.

Juventus is a new chapter in your career: how is it?

“After the situation at Arsenal, Juventus came forward with a proposal. They wanted me at all costs, they tried very hard to sign me.

“I am excited to have taken this opportunity, and I am happy to be able to play for this great club, to represent it and to make my contribution to try to win many titles.”

What was your first impression of Serie A, is it very different from the Premier League? Juventus as a team, as a club?

“Serie A is much more tactical than the Premier League. Many teams defend in depth and you have to try to break the two blocks in different ways.

“In the Premier League, however, there is more space, probably the intensity is slightly greater because you have to look more behind you.

“I was impressed with Serie A, the quality and the technique. I hope to have a significant season.”

It’s not an obsession, but the main goal of this team is to win the Champions League and it’s also one of your goals: do you think it’s possible?

“It is certainly a trophy that we want to win. First of all, you have to work hard to win the league, because that’s what gives you the strength to face such important competitions and enter the Champions League.

“What we want is to try and win something. Fortunately we have incredible players on the team, and we are ready to help each other to achieve this goal.”

What is it like playing with Cristiano Ronaldo?

“Cristiano is incredible. He is a fantastic player, his records speak for him. He is one of the greatest and playing for this team is an honour and a source of pride for me.

“Being part of Juventus, in general, is exceptional, like being able to play with all its players. It is truly wonderful to be part of it.