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Ravanelli hails “phenomenal” Chiesa and wants Juventus to build around Dybala

September 4, 2021 - 2:00 pm

Well, it’s safe to say that the first couple of weeks of the season were anything but positive for Juventus. From losing Cristiano Ronaldo’s services without having the time to find an adequate replacement, to dropping five points between a comical draw at Udinese and an embarrassing home defeat at the hands of Empoli.

Nonetheless, it’s still early days in the campaign, and the Old Lady still possesses a group of exciting young players who can make the difference. Just ask Fabrizio Ravanelli, who may know a thing or two about winning squads.

The former center forward formed a great striking partnership at Juve with Gianluca Vialli and a young Alessandro Del Piero, and won several trophies during his time in Turin, including the 1996 Champions League trophy.

The man known as the “White Feather” heaped praise on two Bianconeri stars in particular during a recent interview.

“Chiesa is a phenomenal player. He has great physical power, great speed and knows how to shoot with either his left or right foot,” said the former Middlesbrough man during an appearance on Sky Sports via JuveNews.

“But his greatest quality is his personality. We have seen his strong decision making on the pitch. He is one of the players that every coach would like to have in his squad because he can change matches.

“During the cursed evening against Empoli, Federico, alongside Cuadrado, was among the few ones who tried to produce something.”

Ravanelli also gave his opinion on Paulo Dybala and how he can be deployed following the departure of the Portuguese star.
“He can play behind the center forward in a 4-2-3-1 formation, but I always felt that he can play closer to goal. He is decisive and today he is fundamental for Juve because he knows how to create superiority and has 20 goals in his feet, but also many assists.
“With Sarri he had a great season and was the MVP of the campaign. But he suffered from injuries last season. Comparing him to Messi hurts him, he must be Dybala, not another player.”

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    martinn September 4, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    Chiesa is a world-class talent and can walk into any team in Europe yes even the top Spanish ones. Dybala needs to stepp up, it is time to prove it once and or all. we need him.