Fabrizio Ravanelli, a former striker for Juventus, believes that the first step for the club is to appoint a new sporting director. This individual would then have the authority to determine whether Max Allegri should continue as the team’s manager.

After a tumultuous season, Juventus is in need of a complete overhaul, which will likely result in the departure of some players and potentially the manager. Despite not winning any trophies, Allegri is seen by some as having performed well given the challenging circumstances.

However, Juventus must make a prompt decision regarding Allegri’s future. The absence of a sporting director complicates this process, as there is currently no key figure in place to guide the decision-making.

Therefore, Ravanelli emphasises the importance of appointing a new sporting director as a critical first step. He said via Tuttojuve:

“We need to start again with a general manager. We’ll have to see if Giuntoli or someone else will come, and if this person wants to embrace Allegri’s project. If someone else were to come, I don’t think they would start over with the people from the previous management. I would first look for a general manager who would then choose the coach. I can’t choose the coach and then the manager; it would be a blatant own goal.”

Juve FC Says

A new sporting director needs to be named soon so we can start our plan for the new season on time and the manager cannot use the delay in getting one as an excuse.