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Report – Andrea Pirlo is in talks to finally return to management

June 5, 2022 - 10:30 am

Former Juventus manager, Andrea Pirlo could return to a managerial seat soon as he has opened talks with a Turkish club to become their next boss.

The former midfielder has been a senior manager for just one season, but it was a successful campaign as he led Juve to two trophies and a top-four finish.

Pirlo was fired after that campaign to make room for the return of Max Allegri, and he has been unattached since that time.

But that could all change soon as transfer expert Alfredo Pedullà claims the midfielder is in talks with Fatih Karagumruk to become their next manager.

He claims several other sides have approached Pirlo to manage their team, but the Turkish club is persistent, and they are favourites for his signature as things stand.

Juve FC Says

Pirlo did well in his first season as a rookie manager and he was only fired by Juve because the standard at the club is very high.

Some fans will call for his return after the dismal campaign under Allegri, which didn’t even deliver beautiful football.

However, the Bianconeri will probably keep faith with their current boss, and Pirlo’s best bet remains to find another club instead of waiting for Juve to call on him again.

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  • Avatar
    martinn June 5, 2022 at 10:46 am

    Pirlo was the scapegoat for their failure; although his season was a lot more successful than allegri in the end and allegri had an easier season with a weaker serie a. Disgraceful how they didn`t give Pirlo two seasons but allegri is guaranteed it no matter the result. now we are stuck with the hopelessness if we are conceding a goal instead of Pirlo when there was the hope of attacking to get the winning goal. There`s no longer two points for a win.

  • Avatar
    Daniel June 5, 2022 at 2:07 pm

    Juve recently has been digging its grave they are declining for several reasons . Its sad how Pirlo who got great results for a new manager and wasn’t given a chance to build from there. What’s the new era all about if you bring back an old guy who is clinging on to old football and doesn’t trust young promising players…. smh

  • Avatar
    Tony June 7, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    The problem with Juventus is NOT the manager. It it is the owner. Who purchases the players?? He does. Always looking for the big foreigner to sell more jerseys. Ronaldo did not solve the “problem”, right?? Still no champions league. The makeup of the team has not been right for a long time. Their best midfielders today are still Pirlo and Nedved. The problem is they wear suits and ties now!! I don’t think it is the system that they play. It’s the players we choose. Look how well Italy played against Germany a few days ago. Who were those guys?? Young Italians with a ton of talent. Shameful that we have had to rely on foreigners even for the national team. Brazilians on the national team of Italy?? It all comes full circle. The serie A clubs like Juve Milan Inter really all of them all have an eye on the foreigners. As if a foreigner by definition is better than any Italian. Remember Vialli, Baggio, Inzaghi, Signiori, Del Piero, Di Livio, etc. all Italian. All great serie A stars and all national team hero’s. What do we have now?? Each of the big teams has a handful of Italians who may or may not start on the club team but may start for the national team. Wake up serie A!!! You are ruining Italian soccer for your greed. You keep looking to the foreigners. I love Juventus but I have to call out the truth. It has been happening for decades. In the time of Baggio Serie A and the Italian national team were fantastic. Serie A top league with foreigners but limited. At first allowed only three per team!! Now bullshit. Italian passport and everyone comes in. Look against Argentina who was out number 10?? Bernardeschi??!! He barely plays for Juventus!! Now he is the number 10 for the national team?? There has to be something wrong. And it starts with the club teams. My uncle would say when the Juve is strong so is the national team. Well if Juve has all foreigners that really can’t be the case anymore. I know I am biased toward Juve but it’s the issue in the Italian league. We have more foreigners than ever before. Even the teams in the middle or lower serie A standings have a lot of foreigners. Is the the Italian league only in name?? We train the foreigners better than our own!! Charity starts at home. Clean up your own house first. Than worry about the next foreigner….maybe!!!!