Juventus has faced numerous legal battles this season and a new one calling for them to be stripped of one Serie A title has been brought up.

The Bianconeri have been accused of financial irregularities over the last few seasons and have already lost 15 league points for their use of capital gains.

They are also the subject of a Prisma investigation for allegedly paying some of their stars under the table in the last few seasons.

A report on Football Italia reveals some lawyers representing Codacons and the Associazione Club Napoli Maradona have sued for Juventus’ Serie A crown for the 2018/2019 season to be stripped from them and handed to Napoli.

They believe Juve’s illegal actions altered that season and helped them to win the Scudetto.

However, the report adds there is a very slim chance this will happen as the cases being held now happened around 2021.

Juve FC Says

Interestingly, a fan group wants us to lose a title, but that should be the least of our problems now as we fight to get back the 15 points we have lost.

If the club recovers the points, it could change the course of our season and guarantee our appearance in the Champions League next term.