Juventus is one of three clubs continuing to support the European Super League, but the Bianconeri might drop their support now.

Andrea Agnelli had traded his luxurious position at UEFA and the ECA to support the rebelling effort designed to compete against the current Champions League.

The Super League protagonists have taken UEFA to court in an effort to break the monopoly of the current leaders in European football.

Juve kept its membership in the breakaway competition, but things could change now that Agnelli has left his role as the club’s president.

A report on Calciomercato reveals John Elkann is not interested in continuing the relationship between the black and whites and the Super League.

Juve FC Says

What we need now is to get out of the many troubles around us and receiving a ban from the UEFA competitions will affect us on several fronts.

For now, we must leave the Super League and rebuild this club in the midst of never-ending legal troubles off the field.

Hopefully, Max Allegri’s men will be focused on working hard and winning more matches.

This is the only thing we need from the boys now, as it could help us end the term in a good position.