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Report claims Juventus is still feeling the financial effect of signing Ronaldo

September 9, 2022 - 8:30 pm

Juventus broke their transfer record to sign Cristiano Ronaldo is 2018 as they searched for a Champions League trophy.

They also placed the attacker on very high wages, which weighed heavily on their finances.

The transfer was going to plan until Covid struck in 2020, and most of Juve’s source of income dried up.

The Bianconeri struggled to pay his huge wages and that of the other players at the club.

They offloaded him at the start of last season, but a new report says the decision to sign him is still being felt in the club’s account.

RMC via Calciomercato reports that the Portuguese attacker may have left Juve, but his transfer to the club is one reason the Bianconeri will report a financial loss for their latest accounting year.

Juve FC Says

Ronaldo is one of the biggest players in the world and signing him helped our commercial appeal and that of Serie A.

His profile is arguably the biggest Italian football has seen, and we did benefit from the transfer.

However, Covid changed everything, and it is one main reason we lost so much money.

Hopefully, as we return to form on the pitch, our bank account will also get better.

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  • Avatar
    JuveFella September 9, 2022 at 11:30 pm

    You forgot to say…

    In the summer of 2018 (pre Ronaldo)
    Juve were absolut rulers of Italy (4 straight back to back doubles)
    Juve were a powerhouse in Europe (only going out to other powerhouses: Barcelona, Real Madrid & Bayern Münich)
    Juve easily scored 100+ goals for seasons in a row
    Juve were on Forbes Top 10 list of Most Valuable Clubs (#9)

    In the summer of 2021 (when Ronaldo left)
    Juve were a joke in Serie A (no more doubles, in the end not even Champions, struggeling just to qualify for UCL -Top 4)
    Juve were a joke in Europe (going out to Ajax, Lyon & Porto)
    Struggeling just to make 90+ goals a season (only making 100+ once in 3 seasons)
    Crashed out of Forbes Top 10 list of Most Valuable Clubs (#11)

    Note: in the summer of 2022 (1 year after Ronaldo left) Juve made it back on Forbes Top 10 list of Most Valuable Clubs (#9)

    What a great player he was……..

  • Avatar
    juvemania September 10, 2022 at 4:55 am

    yeah yeah since i watched juve decades ago juventus never famous for making alot of goals.
    of course we rank 11 after ronaldo because we realeased 110M burden+35M/season money loaned from the investor.
    but if those money can’t creates more money much more than we lost? what is it use for? fame won’t buy you anything.
    100goal doesn’t translate into money and paid wages and bonds.
    ronaldo is the biggest blunder in juve history.

    we should have buy donarumma+ 2 top italian CB and be the best defense again in Europe just like juventus tradition.

    ronaldo teaches juve to simp-ing to players.
    the player bigger than the club.
    a toxic doctrines that corrupted the system.
    just look how allegri already thrown away PSG games because he him self doesnt inherent fino ala fine.
    thx to ronaldo, we now believe in great dinner have to be expensive, while many teams can cook at home and having a wonderful meal.

  • Avatar
    Roa September 10, 2022 at 5:01 am

    The financial damage that cr7 transfer did will be felt for a while. We passed on the chance to sign Haaland (25M was the asking price) and instead went for a 117M cr7. We could have sold Haaland for 100M+ easily. But now we sold cr7 for 15M+5M in bonuses. Instead of getting 100M+ we got 100M-. And that is not even mention cr7s 31M a season salary. What a blow!