Despite the major overhaul that ensued following the resignation of Andrea Agnelli’s board on November 28, observers still expect further revamp to take place at the Juventus headquarters.

According to Tuttosport via JuventusNews24, the hierarchy is set to implement changes on the sporting department in April, and a major profile is expected at Continassa.

The source notes that current sporting director Federico Cherubini remains an appreciated profile, however, he was one of the officials to receive bans in the capital gains trial. Juventus Next Gen director Giovanni Manna is currently operating in his stead.

However, the report explains the need for a charismatic profile who can transmit the club’s values to the current squad, and names three potential profiles.

The first is Alessandro Del Piero, who’s arguably the greatest player to don the black and white jersey. The legendary striker has been heavily linked with a return. He current works as a TV pundit and FIFA ambassador.

Then we have Giorgio Chiellini who left the club last summer, but remains an active player at LAFC. However, the former captain could face some trouble in the Prisma trial due to his alleged role in the salary maneuver case.

Finally, Michel Platini is also mentioned as potential candidate for the role. The French icon has been dealing with corruption allegations from his tenure as UEFA president, but has been recently acquitted and is now eligible to work in the football field again.