In the last couple of years, Juventus have been dealing with never-ending legal troubles which culminated in the resignation of longtime serving president Andrea Agnelli and the rest of his board last November.

But despite vacating his office, the former chairman’s past actions still have a large effect on the club which is currently defending itself on several fronts due to alleged illegal maneuvers conducted by the departed management.

According to Il Giornale via Calciomercato, a new disagreement has arisen between Andrea Agnelli and his cousin John Elkann who is the club’s majority owner.

The source claims that the current Juventus president Gianluca Ferrero and CEO Maurizio Scanavino are looking to settle the club’s legal troubles both domestically and continentally by negotiating plea bargains.

Obviously, the club’s officials have taken the green light from Elkann who remains their main sponsor. After all, the Exor CEO was behind their appointment last January.

On the other hand, Agnelli believes that these negotiations would be an explicit admission of guilt on the club’s behalf, so he feels that the Bianconeri should fiercely defend themselves in court rather than negotiating pleas.

Juve FC say

With all due respect to Agnelli and everything he had won at Juventus, it was his mismanagement that put the club in this undesirable situation in the first place.

Therefore, he’s not exactly entitled to offer legal advices after overseeing the great mess and decline that ensued in his final years at the helm.