Following the announcement of the board’s resignation, Andrea Agnelli’s 12-year reign at the helm of the club came to a sudden end.

Shortly afterwards, the resigned president addressed Juventus employees in a farewell letter, mentioning some of the highs and lows endured throughout his tenure.

In the letter, Agnelli names of the achievements that he remains proud of, including the launching of the Next Gen team and Juventus Women amongst other accolades, including the nine-year winning dynasty.

But according to ilBianconero, the former Juventus president casually dropped a hint in the letter that could suggest a rift between him and his more powerful cousin, John Elkann.

While Andrea holds the last name, it’s Elkann who is the De Facto leader of the Agnelli family as the main heir of his late grandfather Gianni Agnelli.

Amongst the accomplishments listed, Andrea adds “the agreement with Volkswagen (which many don’t know about)”.

As the source explains, the German car manufacturer is a direct rival of Fiat and the Stellantis group owned by Exor (Elkann’s company).

So in 2012, Agnelli had reached a lucrative sponsorship deal with Volkswagen, but Elkann vetoed it in favor of placing Jeep as the team’s undisputed jersey sponsor.

Therefore, the report claims that citing the botched deal after ten years is no innocent coincidence from Andrea’s part, and suggests that the rift between the two cousins has been brewing ever since.