Juventus has been in a lot of trouble recently and rumours have begun to swirl that the club could be sold.

The Agnelli family has owned the black and whites for decades and have never considered offloading Italy’s most successful club.

However, investors from the Middle East have been taking over teams around Europe and Juventus has become a target.

A report on Calciomercato reveals the Bianconeri have attracted interest from some Arab buyers in recent weeks, but it insists the club isn’t on the market now.

Before selling, the Agnelli family must de-list it from the stock exchange and it is not a step they intend to take right now despite its many troubles.

Juve FC Says

Selling Juventus would be a big deal and the Agnelli family must become very uninterested in the club for that to happen.

As one of the biggest clubs in the world, it is understandable that potential buyers will ask for information, but Juve is an organisation that would stay in the hands of the Agnelli family for a long time.

They have been through many ups and downs and never sold it. It is hard to see them doing so now despite its off-field challenges.