Juventus is currently assessing several players for potential additions to their squad, and one of these prospects is Martin Baturina from Dinamo Zagreb.

At just 20 years old, this midfielder has been attracting the attention of European scouts with his mature performances for his current team.

Juventus sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli has a reputation for identifying and signing relatively unknown players, subsequently developing them into world-class talents. He achieved much of this during his time at Napoli, which is one of the reasons Juventus brought him on board.

It is anticipated that Juventus will begin making new signings in the next transfer window, especially since they were relatively inactive in the previous transfer window. Il Bianconero lists several players on their radar,  Martin Baturina is one of them, potentially emerging as the next Croatian export in the coming years.

Juve FC Says

At the age of 20, Baturina would need to be exceptionally talented to secure a spot in our team, given the abundance of quality midfielders within our squad.

If he were to move to Turin at this juncture, it’s highly probable that he would spend a significant amount of time on the bench or with our Next Gen team. This scenario may not be as conducive to his development as we might desire.