Juventus is arguably the biggest club in Italy and a new report has opened up on how much the Bianconeri have splashed on new players from rival Serie A club.

The Bianconeri have recently lost 15 points for their deliberate use of capital gains to their advantage.

The clubs on the other side of each business haven’t been punished and now a new report has given more details into how much Juve has spent in buying players from rivals in the last decade.

A report via Football Italia reveals Juve has spent more than €800m on players from Serie A and B clubs in the last decade.

This shows how much spending power they have had over the years and gives reasons why the Bianconeri will continue to be one of the country’s most important clubs.

Juve FC Says

We remain the biggest Italian club, a position we have occupied for several years, which is one reason not qualifying for the UCL next season could affect Serie A.

Thankfully, the club has decided to appeal the deductions and we expect them to succeed in getting the punishment overturned.

The authorities must be humble enough to acknowledge the importance of Juve as a club and not think of keeping the punishment.