Following the shocking resignation of the board members on Monday, Juventus majority owner John Elkann released a statement praising his cousin Andrea Agnelli and the rest of the members for their professionalism after acting in the club’s best interest.

But as we would have imagined, this carefully-drafted public statement was only a mirage, or at least this is what a recent report suggests.

Apparently, Agnelli’s resignation wasn’t as genuine as his cousin tries to paint it, but he was rather pressed to do so.

According to Corriere della Sera via Calciomercato, Agnelli and the rest of the board resigned following a tense confrontation between the former president and Elkann.

The source claims that some members of the current management (presumably CEO Maurizio Arrivabene) have sounded the alarm bells, stating that if the current balance sheet is to be presented to the club’s general assembly, then it will reach the public prosecutor’s office.

The word reached Elkann, who summoned his cousin to tell him that the club’s dire financial situation is no longer sustainable, hence prompting the resignation.

The Exor CEO has already replaced Agnelli with new club president Gianluca Ferrero, but the rest of the board is expected to be elected by the general assembly in January.