Despite receiving a 15-point deduction in the capital gains trial, Juventus are still facing further punishment. After all, it was the Prisma investigation which prompted the reopening for the Plusvalenza case (where the club had been previously acquitted).

This inquiry revolves around the salary maneuvers conducted by the club’s previous management during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On paper, several players had agreed to waive off four months of wages (from 2020 and 2021), but the prosecutors allegedly found documents which suggested that the footballers only gave away one month of their salaries, while secretly collecting paychecks for the three other months.

So according to Calciomercato via ilBianconero, the preliminary hearing for the Prisma case has been set on March 27th.

The investigation judge will take his decision regarding Juventus and 12 other suspects. He can either charge the defendants and send them to trial, or drop the case.

Juve FC say

Sadly for us Juventus supporters, following legal procedures has become customary since it has immense repercussions on the sporting level.

So let’s just hope that the black cloud passes with the least possible damage so we can once again turn our full attention to the pitch – although the situation isn’t exactly pleasant either.