In the last few years, Juve’s squad has become a shadow of its former self.

During the middle of the 2010’s, the Bianconeri squad boasted the likes of Paul Pogba, Carlos Tevez, Gianluigi Buffon and Arturo Vidal.

Today, the team is still the home of few elite players (Dybala, Chiesa and de Ligt), but the overall quality of the squad dropped severely in the presence of some lackluster players.

However, one wouldn’t know it judging on the club’s massive wage bill.

According to la Gazzetta dello Sport via Calciomercato, Juventus will spend 175 million euros on wages this season. This translates into half a million per day.

This figure dwarfs Inter’s 125 million wage bill, which makes for a surprising stat considering the fact that the Nerazzurri have been way ahead of the Bianconeri in the Serie A table in the last two seasons.

Juve FC say

Following the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the club was relieved from his hefty wages, however, the problem has persisted.

Now surely the top Premier League clubs have larger wage bills, but they can afford it thanks to their vast domestic incomes as well as their European success.

As for the Bianconeri, the figures are simply unjustifiable.

During Fabio Paratici’s reign, the Italians were happy to sign the likes of Adrien Rabiot and Aaron Ramsey as free agents, but their over-the-top salaries and mediocre performances have left the club in trouble on the pitch and on the balance sheet as well.