Juan Cuadrado is set to leave Juventus when his contract expires. However, recent reports suggest that there is a possibility that he may end up staying in Turin after all. 

According to Corriere dello Sport via Tuttojuve, Max Allegri is pushing for him to remain in the squad, despite his age.

The Colombian is a well-respected player in the Juve dressing room. While he is not getting any younger, he is still considered important to the team, especially in light of the difficulties they may face in the transfer market due to ongoing legal issues.

His contract with Juve expires in the summer, but Allegri’s desire to keep him on board has sparked speculation that he may end up signing an extension. 

Given his experience and his value to the team, there is a strong chance that Juventus will take up the option to retain him to please their manager.

While it remains to be seen what will ultimately happen with Cuadrado’s contract, the fact that Allegri is advocating for his continued presence in the squad is certainly a positive sign.

Juve FC Says 

Juventus will undoubtedly face challenges in the transfer market due to their legal issues, and retaining a player like the former Chelsea man could go a long way in helping the team maintain its competitiveness in the coming seasons. 

Regardless of what happens, Cuadrado’s contributions to Juventus over the years will not be forgotten, and he will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the team’s standout players.