Despite receiving a hefty 15-point deduction in the capital gains trial, Juventus still risk another major blow in the investigation related to the salary maneuver, also known as the Prisma case.

This inquiry is based on hidden agreements signed between the management and a number of players who had publicly accepted to waive off four months of wages amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, while documents later revealed that they had only given away a single month in salaries.

According to JuventusNews24, Cristiano Ronaldo is finally willing to cooperate with the prosecutors.

The Portuguese star had previously refused to speak to the investigators regarding an alleged agreement between him and the previous management of Juventus.

However, the source explains that the Al-Nassr star has nothing to hide and his legal team believes that he hasn’t committed any wrongdoing. Earlier reports claimed that the player himself never even signed the document in question.

Moreover, the report adds that Juventus still owe Ronaldo around 20 million euros in unpaid wages based on the controversial document, and the player would like to understand why the club hasn’t fulfilled its obligations in this regard.

The former Man United star famously played for the Bianconeri between 2018 and 2021. He was by far the highest earner at the club during the time, collecting around 31 million euros as net wages per year.