Yesterday, we witnessed an end of an era at Juventus, with Andrea Agnelli addressing the shareholders one last time as club president. The chairman had resigned alongside the rest of his board amidst ongoing financial investigations regarding alleged wrongdoings related to capital gains and salary maneuvers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While some fans fear that Andrea could go down in history as the last Juventus president with the iconic “Agnelli” surname, a report claims that we may haven’t seen the last of the departing patron just yet.

Tuttosport (via JuventusNews24) suggested two hypothesis that would allow Agnelli to make his return to Juventus in the future, one way or the other.

The first one is rather simple. If the resigned president manages to clear his name and get acquitted by the court without major consequences, his path towards Continassa would be clear.

On the other hand, the second suggested scenario features an unusual maneuver. The source claims that Agnelli could buy important shares at the club, especially if his cousin John Elkann (currently the club’s majority owner) decides to sell his stake.

The report believes that Andrea would do his best to avoid seeing Juventus purchased by foreign investors, instead, he intends to preserve his family’s ownership which dates back to 1923.