Juventus is actively searching for a potential replacement for their current manager, Max Allegri, and one name that has emerged on their radar is Igor Tudor, who is currently with Olympique Marseille. Tudor has a history with Juventus, having previously played for the club and served as their assistant manager during Andrea Pirlo’s tenure.

If Allegri departs from his position at the end of the season, Juventus is considering bringing Tudor back to the Allianz Stadium. According to a report from TuttoJuve, the Bianconeri has already contacted Tudor regarding the managerial role.

Juventus sees Tudor as someone who possesses the necessary expertise and experience to guide the team back to the top of Italian football. Should Allegri’s departure become a reality, the club may expedite their approach in securing Tudor as its new manager.

While Juventus may consider other candidates for the role, they appear particularly interested in Tudor’s potential contributions. The coming weeks will reveal whether Tudor will return to Juventus, potentially shaping the club’s future direction and ambitions.

Juve FC Says

Tudor has done averagely well in France since he moved there and we must decide if we need an established manager to help us win immediately or a coach who will get the time he wants to groom the talents at our disposal now.

Tudor can help in the long term, but if we want a swift return to winning trophies, he probably does not have the record or reputation to help us achieve that.