Football is an emotional rollercoaster. At least this is the one aspect of the game that fans of all clubs can agree upon. Yet, Juventus still manages to add an extra twist to the equation. After all, how many European giants can were literally thrown off the throne and forced to rebuild from the second division?

As avid supporters of the black and white lady, we were lucky enough to enjoy great heights at times while suffering woes beyond our imagination on other occasions. Perhaps the club’s contrasting colors foreshadow its inevitable fate.

After ruling over the peninsula for nine straight years, the longest winning dynasty in Italian football reached an abrupt end when Inter lifted the Scudetto title two seasons ago.

But truth to be told, the Nerazzurri only struck the death blow, as it was Juventus who removed themselves from the competition while barely finishing inside the Top four positions.

The same scenario was replicated last campaign, but with Milan replacing their cousins on the throne.

Enduring one bad campaign is understandable. Two disappointing campaigns is a poor stretch but the situation can still be under control.

But three bad seasons in a row… This is what English fans unceremoniously call “The Banter Era”.

Hence, the next campaign will be a pivotal one for the Bianconeri as the club’s future could be hanging in the balance

Now surely Juventus will eventually reclaim their spot amongst the elite one way or the other, but they simply can’t afford to undergo a third woeful term.

So next season, either the Old Lady successfully restores her prestigious status, or we’ll be forced to admit that the club has entered a long and black tunnel and it would take us a while to reach the white light at the end of it.