Last Thursday, Juventus lost all hope of clinching a trophy this season after getting eliminated from the Europa League semi-final at the hands of Sevilla.

Since both legs ended 1-1, the two sides went to extra time, but it was Erik Lamela who delivered the winner for the Andalusians.

In earnest, the Spaniards were arguably the better side based on the events of the two legs, even if the Bianconeri wasted some inviting chances to snatch qualification.

So while Alessandro Del Piero doesn’t question Sevilla’s merit, the iconic striker wasn’t impressed by their gamesmanship.

While Juventus were chasing an equalizer that never came, the balls evaporated every time the club had a throw-in or a corner kick, with the ball boys intentionally delaying the action and wasting valuable time.

As for the Sevilla players, they made a fuss out of every challenge in the late stages.

“Sevilla remained serene despite being 1-0 down,” said Del Piero in his appearance on Sky Sport via JuventusNews24.

“They did well, aside from the lack of sportsmanship when they threw themselves to the ground and didn’t give the ball to Juventus. Ridiculous stuff.”

Sevilla hold the record for the most Europa League triumphs, and they’ll be looking to secure a seventh title when they take on Roma in the final in Budapest.