When the biggest footballing star on the planet made his landing in Turin back in the summer of 2018, people forgot for a little while that the World Cup was still going in Russia.

The Portuguese’s love affair with the Bianconeri fans had already began before making his shocking transfer to Juventus, as we all remember how the fans at the Allianz Stadium showed him their appreciation following his acrobatic goal for Real Madrid, despite scoring in their own net.

However, the superstar’s first three seasons at the club are difficult to describe. Although he continues to prove his ability as one of the most prolific strikers in history, the club’s general state has been on the decline.

Blaming someone who scores 30+ goals per season for the team’s shortcomings would be a weird statement, but perhaps it’s the great expectations laid on Ronaldo’s shoulders that partially explain all the criticism he receives, despite scoring an incredible amount of goals.

Of course the other part is due to some underwhelming performances during some of the most important matches, including Porto (home and away) in the Champions League last season.

Some of the incidents that occurred in the previous campaign may have convinced the two parties that an amicable divorce would fall in everyone’s best interest.

Nonetheless, a transfer remains a mere theory until this very day, with not a single club concretely approaching Ronaldo with a decent offer.

The superstar currently earns net wages worth 31 million euros per season, and it would be extremely difficult to find a buyer that is willing to match these figures – or at least come close to it – especially amidst the current financial difficulties.

With Manchester United set to sign Jadon Sancho, and PSG focusing on other glamorous transfer targets, it seems that CR7 and Juventus will be forced to continue their cooperation for another season – whether they like it or not.

With the five-time Ballon d’Or winner in his roster, returning manager Massimiliano Allegri will have to rely on his services in attack.

However, the Italian must not commit the same mistake he did two years ago, when he sacrificed his own favorite – Paulo Dybala – in order to create a formation that meets Ronaldo’s demands.

No, the Bianconeri must now shift their attention to the future, and make sure that the likes of Dybala (although he’s no longer a youngter), Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski are the pivotal members of the squad going forward.

Whether such plans are achievable in the presence of Ronaldo remains to be seen, but the club would be making a terrible mistake by jeopardizing the club’s future just to accommodate the 36-year-old for one more year.