Juventus has been accused of being ruled by Cristiano Ronaldo and other players as they continue to change managers.

Former Torino man, Pasquale Bruno, was speaking about the struggling Bianconeri recently and he says they have become embarrassing.

He claimed that it didn’t make sense that there was so much noise around them beating Barcelona earlier in the season, considering that the Spaniards are one of the struggling top teams in this campaign.

He then said that the management of the team has been messing things up with their recent managerial changes.

Juve has had three managers in the last three seasons after they started by parting company with the highly successful Max Allegri in the summer of 2019.

Andrea Pirlo has replaced Maurizio Sarri who lasted for just one season even though he won Serie A.

Pirlo’s team is now struggling and it is left to be seen if they will fire him at the end of this campaign. 

Bruno says Ronaldo and his teammates have influenced the managerial changes.

“They have an embarrassing team. Bonucci and Chiellini seem two phenomenons, but they won nine titles in the fourth League in the World,” the former defender told Tiki Taka via Football Italia.

“They beat a finished Barcelona side, and the day after, papers wrote they were the team to beat. Come on.”

“The management is messing everything up. They sacked Allegri to hire Sarri, but he was also fired after only one season because Ronaldo and his teammates rule the dressing room.

“One has the feeling, players can have their say, but it’s not nice. They are not the ones who must make decisions.”