Cristiano Ronaldo could be questioned by prosecutors over an agreement he had with Juventus in the ongoing investigation of the club’s finances.

La Gazzetta Dello Sport, as reported by Football Italia, says Ronaldo isn’t among the individuals being investigated, but Turin Public Prosecutor could ask to speak to him over a “secret” agreement he had with the club.

The report says from telephone wiretaps prosecutors heard Juventus directors discussing a secret document that shouldn’t be in public view.

As they investigate and go through different Juventus records, the report says they haven’t found the said document.

This could now force them to speak to Ronaldo and hear if he is aware of the existence of the document.

Juve FC Says

This investigation is taking too long and also involving too many people, Juve fans might fear for the worse.

Although the club has assured fans they have done nothing wrong, it seems the investigators are sure the club has been doing some bad business.

Meanwhile, Max Allegri’s men are struggling on the pitch and will face Genoa in Serie A next.

That game is a must-win for them and fans will hope it isn’t another day when an unfancied team earns a famous win against them.