Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the major subjects of the Prisma investigation involving Juventus and the attacker is now ready to testify.

Juve is being investigated after agreeing to pay their players under the table and misrepresenting their finances.

Several players have been interviewed, but Ronaldo has not and is a key man in the investigation.

The attacker is reportedly being owed 20m euros by the Bianconeri and would love to recover the money.

Because of this, Football Italia reports that the Al Nassr man is ready to testify against Juventus.

The report claims he is ready to speak to the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office about the secret agreement between him and the Bianconeri and is waiting for their call.

Juve FC Says

Ronaldo no longer works for Juventus and their relationship did not end peacefully, so the attacker has every right to speak even against the club.

We have maintained our innocence in this case all along and should be able to prove it in court when we are called to defend ourselves.

Hopefully, even Ronaldo’s testimony will not make matters worse for us at the end of the day and we will also succeed in our appeal of the 15-point deduction.