Cristiano Ronaldo has again requested documents implicating him in the current Juventus investigation after his first request was rejected.

Juventus reportedly owe the attacker 20m euros after he agreed to forfeit just one month of his salary during the early days of covid-19.

Juve is being investigated for paying their players three months’ worth of salary under the table after claiming they all gave up four months’ worth of pay.

Their financial problems started when they added Ronaldo to their squad and now they must clarify their position after investigators found inconsistencies in their accounts.

A report on Football Italia reveals in a bid to recover his money, Ronaldo has asked for documents regarding the investigation be sent to him.

The attacker has refused to clarify his position and disclose the documents he signed, which is why prosecutors turned down the first request.

Juve FC Says

20m euros is too much money to give up, which is why Ronaldo is keen to get his hands on the documents to prepare to defend himself.

However, prosecutors do not owe him any favours and will only give him the documents if he meets their requirements.

There is still more than enough time for Juve to prove they have done nothing wrong, but it remains unclear if they will still pay Ronaldo.