Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the major subjects of the ongoing investigation into Juventus’ finances and the attacker has requested documents regarding his involvement.

Juve is accused of agreeing to pay him around 20m euros outside their reported finances after covid-19 struck and they could not meet their salary obligations to him.

The attacker was on the club’s books between 2018 and 2021 and was its biggest earner by a long stretch, which was an issue for the club.

Because it was not making enough money to pay him comfortably, reports claim they had to pay him without recording it and that was the genesis of their problem.

After investigators found a secret agreement between the attacker and Juventus, he refused to make a statement.

However, a report on Football Italia reveals his lawyers have now asked Juventus‘ Supervisory Board for documents involving him in the investigation because he wants to clarify his position on the salary manoeuvre. But the request was denied by the prosecutor.

Juve FC Says

As one of the biggest players in the world, the ongoing investigation affects Ronaldo’s image and brand, so it is not a surprise he wants to set the record straight.