Cristiano Ronaldo explained how he’d liked to be remembered when he leaves football while declaring “wherever I have played, I have won.”

The Juventus forward began his interview with France Football talking about his career goals, rivalry with Lionel Messi before explaining the importance of meditation in his career.

In the final part of the interview, he revealed his interest in Nobel Prize winners and how he would like people to view his footballing legacy.


Last night, we had a conversation about Michael Jordan and his performances late into his career. What did you learn from Jordan?

“I learned from him as with all those who are in excellence, and I don’t mean just in sports. I like to read things about the Nobel Prize winners, about what they invented, generated, created, developed.

“The prize money for these people it’s like winning the Golden Ball for me. I like to know why they invented something and how they did it. This is important.”

Does your evolution in the game depend on the Championships where you play, the coaches you work with, the teams where you play?

“Playing in England is not the same thing as playing in Spain or Italy. But it is playing in these three countries that has contributed to my progress.

“I would never have been what I am if I had not been someone who loves challenges, who does not hesitate to step out of his comfort zone.

“Otherwise, it’s too easy. I like to see the different aspects of things, to know the different scenarios of life. Many wondered when I arrived at Juventus, at 33 years old.

“‘Is he bullshitting?’ But I was voted the best player of Serie A  last season. I have a great ability to adapt. I can move from one team to another, from one coach to another, from club to the national team without it being a problem over performance.

“I don’t think many players have been champions in England, Spain and Italy during their career, even though I was lucky to be in big teams. Wherever I have been, I have won.”

Should a goalscorer be selfish?

“All scorers are a little bit. And all the teams have a player of this temperament. The important thing about a team is that everyone knows their role.”

You are 6th in the rankings of the greatest scorers in history, just behind Müller, and one hundred goals from number one, Josef Bican. Is your ambition is to become the number one?

“Seen like that, it could be a goal because I’m not so far from the top. But do not let beating a record become an obsession. Everything I had in my life came naturally.

“I mean, that it was the result of my efforts, not the goal. If you start focusing on a goal to achieve, it fills your head! It is by taking pleasure that we arrive at the greatest things. After that, if I can beat the record …”

How would you like us to remember you?

“It’s always nice when you talk about yourself in a flattering way. Let it be said that I was the best, a fantastic player.

“Today, I listen to what people say about me. After that, when I’m finished, at the end of my career, I’ll unplug everything.


“For sure. It has been fifteen years since I made sacrifices, that I am stepped up my career.

“Afterwards, I will appreciate what I did, but even more, what I will do: enjoy my friends, my family, see my children grow up and study. To taste in the present moment. Transmit my experience of life. But not right now. I think I can still give a lot … “