Nicolo Rovella, the young Juventus player, experienced a setback during the club’s tour of America as he suffered an injury. This unfortunate incident has cut his time short on the tour and poses a challenge for the promising midfielder.

Rovella had spent the previous season on loan at Monza, and his aim is to stay with Juventus this season and showcase his potential in Turin. To make room for this possibility, Juve has reportedly made Fabio Miretti available for a loan move elsewhere.

Although Rovella didn’t complete the USA tour with his teammates, he remains determined and is working hard to overcome the injury back at home. According to a report on Tuttojuve, he has been training in Turin alongside Nicolo Fagioli, another young talent from Juventus.

Fagioli, unfortunately, was also unable to travel to the USA due to an injury he sustained before the trip. However, he is hopeful of recovering in time for the new league season. Both Rovella and Fagioli are eager to make an impact at Juventus, and their commitment to training despite setbacks is a positive sign for the club’s future prospects.

Juve FC Says

Fagioli and Rovella are two players we can expect to see in the squad for this campaign, even if they did not spend time with the team in America.

Fagioli is already a key player at the club, while Rovella did well at Monza last season and will likely get his chance to show he is ready to do well at a bigger club.