This season, Nicolò Rovella has taken his game up a notch in what has been a highly-impressive loan stint at Monza.

The 22-year-old joined Juventus in January 2021 following his breakthrough in Genoa, but he’s yet to earn a chance to prove himself in Turin.

In a recent interview, the young midfielder discusses several matters, starting with his rapport with Monza manager Raffaele Palladino.

“This was a very positive year for me, I didn’t expect it. I was hoping to play and gain some experience, it went beyond my expectations,” said Rovella in his interview with DAZN via ilBianconero.

“Palladino was very important to me, almost decisive. [Former Monza manager] Stroppa called me to join. But when Palladino arrived, he immediately put his trust in me, gave me lots of advice and also helped me off the pitch. Having only recently retired, he still remembers the dynamics.”

The youngster also revealed his first conversation with legendary Milan director and Monza CEO Adriano Galliani who first called him to join the Biancorossi.

“It was an honour, you immediately understand the qualities of the person. He’s incredible.

“The first time I was at Continassa, I was with Fagioli. I get a call from an unknown number and I didn’t answer. Then he writes me a message and tells me that it was Galliani and if I could call him back as soon as I could. So I immediately called back.

“He complimented me and I immediately felt appreciated by a master of Italian football.”

Rovella also reveals Claudio Marchisio as his Juventus idol, while also naming Real Madrid legend Luka Modric as his role model.

“When I was little, I liked Marchisio a lot. Now I absolutely love Modric.

“Locatelli? I trained with him in the summer, for me he’s really strong, he has quality and like how he shoots. He’s “bad” in the good sense of the word.”

Rovella also revealed his friendship with his namesake Nicolò Fagioli who has been a true revelation at Juventus this season.

“We’ve been friends since the days of the national team, we often talk. I’m very happy for him, but now I’m sorry for his injury.

“At first he struggled a bit, but then his qualities came out”.