Daniele Rugani believes Juves strength lies in the words ‘Fino Alla Fine’ : “It’s not just words, but it’s in our DNA.”

The defender gave an interview to Juventus TV, ahead of the Bianconeri’s trip to London to face Tottenham Hotspur in the Champions League.

On Davide Astori

“First of all, I want to express my condolences to the family of Davide Astori. He leaves us an amazing person. This is the best way to define Davide: a man of sound principles, loyal, respectful …a person of integrity. I was lucky enough to play with him in the national team and his memory will remain indelible in everyone’s heart.”

On his assist to Paulo Dybala against Lazio

“Paulo practically did it all on his own and it was a phenomenal goal. After the goal, jokingly, I told him ‘this is an assist for me,’ and he confirmed it…I do not know if it will be decisive, since there are still many games left, but it was an important moment, also considering the result of Napoli with Roma.”

On ‘Fino Alla Fine’

“Our strength will always be our belief until the end [Fino Alla Fine]. It’s not just words, but it’s in our DNA and we showed it in a difficult game, against a tricky team, which defends well and has strong and fast players up front. They can hurt teams on the break as seen in the other two matches in which we had faced them.”

On the Juventus defence

“We are back to defending the Juventus way. Compactness and solidity at the back has always been our strength and it’s not just from the ‘defenders.’ When there are such drastic improvements, it comes from the whole team, starting with the work done by the attackers. There’s a difference when we play three or four at the back, but beyond the formation is the attitude and the desire to sacrifice that count.”

On the upcoming game against Tottenham Hotspur

“A match awaits us on Wednesday where details will be essential. I think it will be a more open match than the one against Lazio, which saw very deep defending with everyone behind the ball at times. Theoretically, the English teams should play differently. With the 2-2 result from the first leg, we will have to give more than 100%, because we will need to play very well to win.”