Daniele Rugani has held a long-standing association with Juventus, even though his playing time has been limited. Following the departure of Leonardo Bonucci, he has become one of the senior Italian players in the team’s dressing room.

While Rugani may be considered a fringe player in terms of on-field action, Juventus values his presence and influence within the squad. He serves as a mentor and role model for new signings as they acclimate to life at the Allianz Stadium.

Recently, there have been changes in the leadership group at the club, with Danilo assuming the role of captain. Rugani’s agent has engaged in discussions about these developments and the ongoing contract negotiations involving his client.

Rugani’s agent Davide Torchia said, as quoted by Football Italia:

“Daniele hardly goes into specific details, certainly what you can see is that there is not the same leadership of Italian players as there was years and years ago.

“The slightly older ones are trying to help the newcomers get to know Juventus better, to transmit the DNA of the club. It happened to him too when he arrived many years ago.”

On a new contract talk, he added: “There has been no meeting with the club, at the moment there is only a rough idea. We’ll see if it can develop over the coming months.”

Juve FC Says

Rugani is one of the leaders in that dressing room, especially for the Italian players and that is one reason we should keep him on.

Having someone to play that role in the group is vital for the biggest club in Italy.

However, he has to improve and show he is a good player before we can get him more game time.