Following an impressive first campaign at Juventus, Federico Chiesa earned even more praise thanks to his big performances at Euro 2020.

The young winger scored two vital goals for the Azzurri – against Austria and Spain – en route towards the historic Wembley final, where he celebrated alongside his Bianconeri teammates, Giorgio Chiellini, Leonardo Bonucci and Federico Bernardeschi.

The Italian block is now back in Turin, and Arrigo Sacchi believes that these men will make the difference for Max Allegri’s side next season.

The Old Lady lost her crown last season in favor of Inter after nine years of dominance, but the retired manager tipped Juventus to regain their Scudetto title, as the Nerazzurri have a depleted squad.

“I think the Bianconeri are starting from the front, also because Inter have lost two important players like Hakimi and Lukaku, but above all their leader, Antonio Conte,” Sacchi told la Gazzetta dello Sport via JuveNews.

“Allegri knows how to win, he is a pragmatic coach as well as a great tactician. He knows the roads that lead to victory. His Juve was not always convincing, but in Italy the result counts above all and Max knows how to get it.

“I was not surprised that he was called back to lead the team even if it is difficult to repeat his previous success. However, the Bianconeri squad is very rich and is made up of elements of great depth.”

Speaking of the squad, the former Milan manager spoke about the unique characteristics of Chiesa, as well the importance of having the likes of Chiellini and Bonucci.

“In the nine consecutive league titles, especially in the first ones, the Italian group was decisive. Bonucci and Chiellini have character, knowledge, personality, and they transmit all of it to the younger boys.

“Mother nature has been generous with Chiesa. Power, speed, strength, technique. However, he must think more and move in the right times and distances. He can take advantage of the opportunity to train with Ronaldo, who is a master in these things.

“Locatelli has quality, and still has room for improvement. He must always be present in the game. When he has the ball, he can orchestrate the play like few others can.

The former Italy coach was also asked about the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo for this Juventus team.

“I am an old-fashioned socialist. To me they are all the same. When I was coaching, if a player was not feeling well I would replace him or leave him on the bench. Whether his name was Gullit, Van Basten or Baresi. And I did each of them a favor, because football is not an individual sport. There is no player who has to carry the team on his shoulders. The synergy between the players must be improved.”