Max Allegri’s substitutions in Juventus’ defeat to Lazio over the weekend are facing scrutiny and criticism.

The Bianconeri suffered a late defeat in Rome in a match they were expected to win, especially considering their recent performances.

Juventus is currently on shaky ground, as continued losses could potentially push them out of the Serie A top four.

Securing a place in the Champions League is the minimum expectation for the team, and Allegri’s squad also has the potential to win the Coppa Italia.

However, the manager’s decisions regarding team selection and substitutions will play a crucial role in determining the team’s fate this season.

Allegri’s choices against Lazio seemed to miss the mark, as his substitutions failed to make a positive impact, leading to speculation that his decisions may have contributed to Juventus’ defeat.

Speaking about them, journalist Sandro Sabatini said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Tudor deserves praise for having revitalized a team that seemed lifeless under Sarri, while Allegri’s criticism lies in the changes which, in hindsight, worsened the performance collective in the final minutes. It is legitimate to ask whether the conservative management of the draw was a strategic choice by the coach or forced by the circumstances on the pitch. Lazio’s substitutions included Isaksen, Immobile, Vecino, Guendouzi and Luis Alberto, while those of Juventus were McKennie, Iling, Weah, Yildiz and Sekulov. There is a difference but the discussion is broad and does not serve as an excuse to completely justify Juventus’ collapse in the last nine games or in the last ten minutes.”

Juve FC Says

Allegri is a good coach, but while faced with pressure in this campaign, he keeps making mistakes.

All this points to the fact that his time is up on our bench and we need to replace him as soon as possible.