Maurizio Sarri has backed Juventus to recover from their recent off-field troubles as one of the big clubs in the land.

The Bianconeri have been docked 15 points for their use of capital gains and now finishing inside the top four is almost impossible.

They could even be handed more severe punishment when the Prisma investigation is finished, which means it could get worse and there are talks of the Bianconeri even getting relegated.

However, Sarri, who managed the club for one season, believes the black and whites have everything it takes to bounce back.

He said via Football Italia:

“I was not sitting in the board of directors, we did nothing if not a favour to the club when they asked.

“This is the history of great clubs, sometimes there are these moments. It has happened to other elite clubs. Juventus are a strong club, they’ll pay what they have to and then they will get back and become strong again.”

Juve FC Says

We have had bigger problems in the past and still got back to full fitness, so this should not be an issue we cannot overcome.

However, our players have worked hard to earn the points this season and the deduction is simply unfair to them.

Hopefully, when we appeal, it will be overturned eventually.