Leonardo Bonucci appears poised for a move to Lazio within the coming hours as the club intensifies efforts to include the seasoned veteran in their squad during this transfer window.

The experienced defender is actively seeking a new team, having found himself excluded from the plans of the Bianconeri. Lazio stands out as his favoured choice for a fresh start.

According to a report on Tuttomercatoweb, indications suggest that the defender might find himself relocating to the capital city. However, Maurizio Sarri, the team’s manager, has yet to provide his definitive approval.

Sarri maintains certain reservations concerning Bonucci’s potential contributions to his squad. Nonetheless, the transfer seems likely to materialise due to the strong desire of Lazio’s directors to secure the services of this centre-back.

Awaiting Lazio’s official proposition, Juventus is reportedly willing to partially cover Bonucci’s wages as part of the arrangement.

Juve FC Says

Bonucci’s transfer out of the club has dragged on for too long and he should be eager to leave, knowing he will not play if he stays.

We have had a good time together and he needs to leave honourably instead of causing problems now that he is no longer in our plans for the future.

But Sarri’s scepticism might be a sign that he will also struggle to play in Lazio if he joins them.