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Sassuolo’s boss reacts to finally beating Juventus in Turin

October 28, 2021 - 8:55 am

A calm Alessio Dionisi says his players were excellent in the first half against Juventus yesterday after their impressive win.

The Sassuolo manager saw his young team rattle the Bianconeri, who were hardly at their best.

He now wants his players to forget about the win as quickly as possible and focus on their next game.

“It’s always nice to win, but like this, even more. We must be quick to forget it because on Sunday, we have a tough match,” Dionisi told DAZN as quoted by Football Italia.

“We played an excellent first half and were very good in the second half to remain in the game.

“In the beginning, we suffered Juventus’ pressing, then we reacted with courage. We sat deeper in the second half, but we remained compact.

“Perhaps, today’s result goes beyond our merits, but we’ve reaped the rewards of the previous performances,” Dionisi continued.

“We have strong players on the wings and we are using them the best way we can, a tree-man midfield is a consequence of our characteristics and it gives us more balance.”

Juve FC say

Juventus was always at risk of finally losing a game as we struggle to control matches against technically good teams.

Sassuolo is a young team and has a lot of runners, which clearly caused us problems.

These are not the type of opponents we would play every week, but we need to be prepared to deal with technically good teams if we want to get back inside the top four.

We did a far better job of managing a game against Inter Milan and needed that after we drew level yesterday, but never achieved that.

I hope Max Allegri will now return to the drawing board and help his players cope better and perhaps win when we visit The Black and Greens for the reverse fixture.

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