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“Scandalous” – Journalist berates Juventus fans for their treatment of Allegri

May 26, 2022 - 7:45 pm

When Max Allegri first signed for Juventus in 2014, he arrived as an unpopular figure amongst the black and white supporters. Nonetheless, the tactician managed to win the crowds’ favor with a string of positive results on the pitch.

Unfortunately, his second tenure has turned out to be the complete opposite. Although the fans rejoiced for his return, the tactician’s popularity plummeted with every disappointing performance throughout the season.

Nevertheless, veteran Italian journalist Mario Sconcerti came out to defend the former Cagliari and Milan manager, while chastising Juventus fans for their behavior towards the coach.

“I find the rebellion of the Juventus fans against Allegri quite scandalous. For two fundamental reasons. The first is that Allegri won five league titles a short time ago and he has nothing to prove to a fan,” wrote Sconcerti in his daily column at Calciomercato.

“Second, for the impatience of the fans themselves. Their pain for not being able to win anything, an impossible, unjust ambition, always out of reality and therefore esoteric, sick. You cannot agree with the team and the manager only when they win.

“Anyone can be a fan when the team wins. There is something unbearable about this arrogance of victory, as if losing twice out of eleven is a wound, this unbearable endurance of defeat.”

Juve FC say

Although blaming Allegri for all of the club’s shortcomings would be major unjust, the fans are entitled to have their opinion on the manager.

After all, some of the club’s underwhelming results were prompted by some questionable decisions from the tactician and an over-cautious approach.

Yes, Juventus fans will always appreciate Allegri’s work in his initial stint at the club, but past glories aren’t enough to justify his failures this season, and for his hefty wages, one would have expected slightly better results.

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  • Avatar
    martinn May 27, 2022 at 5:47 am

    none of his business.

  • Avatar
    Chris Le Galle May 28, 2022 at 11:13 am

    I agree with the journalist. As a Juventus fan I feel sick reading some comments on our manger on Allegri. Yes they are entitled to their opinion, but it doesn’t make it right. 3 different mangers, 3 different styles of play yet the same shortcomings over and over. Can’t blame the manger. That’s a fact. Did Allegri make mistakes this season? Probably but is the team’s inability to create his fault? No. That is entirely on buying players without a clear strategy of how they fit in the system.