As we reported yesterday, Juventus have reached an agreement over a plea bargain with the prosecutor’s office ahead of Tuesday’s Salary maneuver trial.

Therefore, the Bianconeri will likely accept another point deduction between two and three points. The Turin-based giants have already received a 10-point penalty in the Capital Gains trial, leaving them 7th in the standings.

So while another small point deduction would mathematically rule them out of contention for a Europa League spot, they should have enough in their tally to maintain their seventh place and reach the Conference League.

Although Europe’s third-tier competition is far from lucrative in terms of prestige and prize money, reaching the competition is essential from a legal perspective.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Elisabetta Esposito explains, if Juventus were to receive sanctions from UEFA, it would apply to their first season in European football.

Therefore, if the club secures a spot in the Conference League, the governing body of European football could expel them from the competition, which wouldn’t have a dramatic effect on the club.

On the contrary, if the Bianconeri fail to reach all European competitions next season, then the punishment would be delayed for upcoming years, which would have a more severe impact, especially if it denies the club entry to the Champions League.

This is yet another vital reason that justifies the management’s attempts to secure a plea bargain.