Calciomercato columnist Marcello Chirico is not impressed with the use of the semi-automatic offside technology and believes it has been introduced to stop Juventus from earning favours.

In the Bianconeri’s last game against Fiorentina, one goal each from both clubs were ruled out for being offside after officials used the technology to determine the position of the last defender.

It caused some controversy afterwards, even though Juve won the game and Chirico does not see an improvement since it was introduced into the Italian top flight.

He says via Calciomercato:

“Logic and common sense no longer exist, because football no longer exists as it once was conceived. We have come to the bad copy of American football, which is another thing. The fear of making mistakes, of favoring someone ( Juve, ed. ) rather than another has become such an obsession with the entire arbitration category that it offers us this abortion: a sport castrated by its emotions and immolated on the’ altar of technology, used in a distorted and paroxysmal way.”

Juve FC Says

VAR and the semi-automatic offside system are both controlled by humans and are bound to make errors.

It is sad that its errors could change a game and might be the difference between winning and losing the league title.

The authorities must work hard to limit their mistakes and ensure consistency of performance across all matches.

For now, we just need to work and score more goals so that even if some are incorrectly ruled out, we can still win matches.