Former referee Danilo Giannoccaro will now act as a middleman between clubs and officials to explain some decisions taken by centre referees in Serie A matches, according to Football Italia.

This development comes after several clubs complained about the inconsistency of decisions in the Italian top flight with some clubs believing that the likes of Juventus are being favoured.

The report says the new role was created because of the increased calls for explanations from clubs and players alike who feel the decisions being made in matches are simply too inconsistent even when VAR is involved.

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina explained the aim of the position will be to ‘inform and form the rules and the VAR protocol, as we all as acting as a conduit between referees and clubs.”, according to the report.

VAR was expected to cut out controversies from the game around the world, but the technology seems to cause even more problems.

The main issue is the fact that the review of the footage would always depend on the interpretation of humans.

Everyone would interpret similar situations differently and that would make it seem like a club is getting better verdicts.

Hopefully, this new role will reduce the amount of complaints from managers and players every weekend.