The Italian Serie A is one of the world’s underperforming leagues in revenue terms compared to the English Premier League.

There were times in the past when Italian football was the best in the world and attracted world-class talents.

However, nowadays, even a club in the relegation zone in England can spend more money than the Serie A winners because they could make more money from finishing last in the EPL.

The Serie A is now looking to generate more revenue and a report on Football Italia reveals they want to end exclusive TV rights.

This follows the success of a similar decision by Serie B, which improved their revenue instantly. Now, the Italian top flight could end exclusive rights to its broadcasting, which DAZN currently owns.

Juve FC Says

Italian football needs more money and one way to generate funds is through the sale of television rights.

Those in charge must make the decision that brings the most money into the competition and if making the TV rights open can solve the problem, we expect them to choose that path.

For now, as Juve fans, we are more concerned about our team getting back to form and winning more matches.