In the Italian Championship, the 2022/2023 season has already become 119 for the Juventus team. During the off-season, after 17 years of playing, captain Giorgio Chiellini left the team and moved to the team from the American Los Angeles. The players Paulo Dybala and Federico Bernardeschi also left the group.

Today we will discuss the most significant games for the Juventus team in Serie A, which will take place in 2023. We will provide information about the opponents and the playing field on which the competition will occur. Juventus have pretty good results, which increases the likelihood of getting into the final games.

12 MAR – Juventus VS Sampdoria

Sampdoria is an Italian professional football club based in the city of Genoa. The club was created back in 1946 by combining the teams of Andrea Doria and Sampierdarenese. The football club currently plays in Serie A.

The home stadium is Luigi Ferraris. It can accommodate more than 35 thousand spectators at the same time. Also, the Genoa team often plays home games at this stadium.

The meeting with Juventus will take place at Allianz Stadium. This is the home stadium of the Juventus club, which is located in Turin. The stadium was opened on September 8, 2011. It can simultaneously accommodate 41,000 spectators. The football pitch was built on the site of the Stadio delle Alpi.


08 APR – Lazio VS Juventus

On April 8, one of the most anticipated Serie A matches, Lazio vs. Juventus, will occur in Rome. Lazio is a professional Italian football club founded in Rome in 1990. For most of its history, the club has played in Division A, the highest in Italy. He has considered one of the leaders in terms of the quality of the game and the number of matches scored.

Lazio managed to become Italian champions twice, in 1974 and 2000. Other notable victories include:

  • Seven Italian Cups;
  • Five Italian Super Cups;
  • UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup;
  • UEFA Super Cup.

The team’s first significant success came in 1958. At this time, Lazio managed to win his first Italian title. The last 15 years are considered the most successful for the football club. At this time, the players managed to win several major labels.

The upcoming match against Juventus will take place at the Stadio Olimpico. This multi-person sports facility belongs to the National Olympic Committee of Italy. In 1960, the site was chosen to host the Summer Olympics.

Currently, it is the largest sports facility in Rome, which can simultaneously accommodate more than 70,000 spectators.

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30 APR – Bologna VS Juventus

Bologna is currently the sixth most-titled football club in Italy. The team has been champion seven times and won the national cup twice. Bologna has had successful performances in the international arena – she won the Intertoto Cup and the Mitropa Cup.

The most successful season for the team was the 1998/1999 season. As part of the season, the team reached the semi-finals of the UEFA Cup. Bologna could not go to the final only because it lost to the Marseille football club Olimpico.

Bologna left Serie A several times due to poor games. The first flight took place in the 2004/2005 season. The second time she left the division was at the end of the 2013/2014 season.

The meeting with Juventus on April 30, 2023, will take place at the Renato Dal’Ara Stadium. It was built in 1927 and named after President R. Dal-Ara. The stadium is currently home to the Bologna team.

3 MAY – Juventus VS Lecce

Lecce has somewhat volatile seasons. Eight times in its existence, the club managed to move to Serie A of the Italian Championship. At the same time, Serie C shows pretty successful results – the team became the champion three times in the seasons 1945/46, 1975/76, 1995/96, and 2017/18. 

Last season ended for the Italian team Lecce with first place in Serie C. This allowed them to start the new season in Division A.

The Juventus vs. Lecce match, scheduled for May 3, 2023, will take place at the home stadium of Juventus in Turin.

14 MAY – Juventus VS Cremonese

Cremonese is a professional Italian football club based in the city of Cremona. Most football players play in Serie A. The club was founded in 1903, and during its existence in division A, it spent 14 seasons.

The best achievement for the team was 10th place in Serie A at the end of the 1993/1994 season. The upcoming match on May 14 will be held at its home stadium, Juventus.


These are just some of the games that Juventus will have to play this year to determine the champion in division A. At the moment, according to the results of the games already played, the team has settled in 3rd place. Now she is inferior to Napoli and Milan.