Juventus management gathered for the annual shareholders meeting as Andrea Agnelli explained the new leadership structure while giving thanks to Beppe Marotta.

The extensive meeting covered a number of topics but Agnelli began proceedings by addressing a report on ‘RAI’ alleging links between the Drughi ultras and the ‘Ndrangheta.’

The report also alleged that Juve security manager Alessandro D’Angelo allowed banners mocking the deaths of the ‘Grande Torino’ into the Curva Sud.

“Good morning everyone, first things first I’d like to make a clarification,” Agnelli began.

“A television programme focused it’s attention on the facts already established about the relationship between Juventus and the organised supporters.

“Juventus were sanctioned by the sporting justice system for two reasons. The first was having sold more tickets than what was established by the Pisanu laws, four per person.

“The second was for allowing banners to enter the stadium. Alessandro D’Angelo never allowed those banners to enter the stadium in February 2014. On these facts clarification is required.

“Juventus respects, to the letter, all of the procedures and cannot accept that doubt still exists that our club may be involved in ticket touting.

“Alessandro D’Angelo didn’t help with the entry of what I’ve already called offensive banners about the Superga tragedy. I called them that in the hours following the incident and I repeat it today.

“It’s not just I who say this, it’s proved by the sentence from the Federal Court of Appeals. The creators of that banner were identified thanks to the technology Juventus made available to law enforcement, they were brought to justice and they have admitted their guilt.

“Any other affirmation is false and unfounded, and it’s time for anyone who expresses their judgment on these facts to consider the sentences and the facts.

“Over the past two years we’ve witnessed several irregularities, but an investigation showed that the accusations against us are non-existent,” Agnelli said in the Press conference after the shareholders’ meeting.

“Today people are still trying to create a spectacle, saying that these rogue banners got into the stadium through us.

“There are wiretaps which verify we had nothing to do with it. There were three players in the game: the ultras, the clubs and the law enforcement.

“Juventus respect judgements, like the one which condemned us to Serie B, where we played. Everyone shows the photos they like most in their own home.

“We apologised immediately after the banner incident, and what’s important is that the responsibility for those banners doesn’t lie with us.

“You have to have a relationship with the fans, even the most fanatical of the fans.”

CEO Giuseppe Marotta and CFO Aldo Mazzia both left the club today and Agnelli took a moment to address their contribution.

“They were two fundamental figures for the results obtained from 2010 to 2018. Fabio Paratici, Marco Re and Giorgio Ricci will manage the club together with [Pavel] Nedved and myself.

“It will be our task to keep the team at the competitive levels we’ve reached up to now.

“Why now? I don’t fix the deadlines of a publicly traded company, it’s natural that the decision would come at this time.

“We decided to renew the leadership, but nothing can take away the feelings of affection, gratitude and recognition for Marotta.

“For the next challenges, we decided to renew the Juventus leadership.

“The organisation model will not change and will be based on three pillars: services, revenue and, centrally, sport.

“However, I owe my thanks to the two outgoing directors: [CFO] Aldo Mazzia, who is here with us today, and Giuseppe Marotta.

“Aldo joined the group in 1987, he was hired by my father and that’s the curiosity of this closing circle.

“He rose from positions of administration and control to become CFO. He was key in developing the stadium and the Continassa project, which he personally followed.

“If today we can boast of having headquarters next to our own stadium, a state-of-the-art training ground, a hotel and a concept store, then we owe it to Aldo.

“For that, Aldo, now only I but all of Juventus are grateful to you.

“Speaking for myself, calling Giuseppe Marotta a professional in the world of football is simplistic.

“He has been managing football clubs for 40 years, with successes like those at Venezia and Atalanta. He left Sampdoria in the Champions League, before joining Juventus.

“The ability and knowledge of Marotta have been instrumental in the growth of the club, and we owe him our warm thanks and applause.

“What allowed us to make this choice is the work Aldo and Giuseppe did in helping the professionals under them, raising future professionals who could take their role.

“We’ve decided to divide Beppe Marotta’s responsibilities to those who are already board members, so there will be a new generation of leaders entrusted with the future of Juventus.”



“I reiterate my thanks to Marotta for all he has done for Juventus and for us new directors. He has been immense.”


“I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Marotta once again. He’s been hugely important to me, both professionally and as a person. The fact I’m now a director is thanks to him – he taught me everything. I’ll be the first to thank him and will do my best to make sure he is missed as little as possible.”

The match in Manchester

“We’ve been producing top-level displays in Europe for a few years. We’ve got to two finals and were eliminated in the last minute against Bayern Munich in the round of 16 and against Real Madrid in the quarter-finals. This year we’re perhaps seen as favourites and that’s deserved. We knew we’d be able to put in a good performance in Manchester, beyond the result itself which is determined by so many factors, because now we know what we’re capable of.”

The Ronaldo impact

“He is the best player in the world and, given what he has won, perhaps the greatest of all time. His arrival has inspired everyone to improve technically and as professionals.”


“We’re managing our debt with large lines of credit and monitoring the situation, but our net financial position has never been a concern.”


“Ronaldo’s arrival is making it easier for the club to position itself among the footballing elite. He’s a champion who can attract an audience reaching beyond those passionate about football, and he’s helping us position ourselves at a higher level in the sphere of worldwide entertainment.”


[Image from Juventus.com]