Antonio Cassano has weighed in with his opinion on this week’s massive news, claiming that Juventus and the two Milan clubs should be expelled from Serie A.

The three Italian giants have announced that they are amongst the 12 European clubs set to be involved in a new competition called the ‘European super League’, with the Premier League’s so-called ‘Top-six’ and the three Spanish giants Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This announcement has made shockwaves across the footballing world, and many are strongly angered by the decision, with much of the anger at the decision to lock in the clubs to the competition regardless of their success.

In theory, one or more of the clubs could be demoted from the top division of their domestic league and finish bottom of the European Super League, and still retain their place in this elitist competition.

There are many threats being thrown about at present, and former Italy and Serie A star Antonio Cassano has urged the Italian FA to take the drastic action of removing them from their hierarchy.

“It is inconceivable to think of a championship on its own for 12 teams,” Cassano told Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel BoboTV. “These great powers of football must understand that it is a sport for the people and that even the small teams, which surround them, are very important.

“I would ask my Federation, the FIGC, that if Juve, Milan and Inter have decided this, they should be expelled. They have their own championship. Not only the big teams are in charge. I advise Gravina to get in the way and kick them out of the Italian championship.”

What do we think of the possibility of being excluded from Serie A to be a part of this new venture?